Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 8, 2014 – “DDOP 9: Beer”

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In this episode, I talk about craft beer; a local Oskar Blues tap takeover; how I used to drink beer as a teenager compared to how I do it now.

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2 thoughts on “Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 8, 2014 – “DDOP 9: Beer””

  1. Shannon Nelson says:

    McMenamins is still a place to start in speciality brew world here in the Northwest, but with the growth in the industry over the years, there are so many more good choices. To follow on to your comment about rating systems, I guess McM’s becomes the ‘3’ against which to judge the rest, both in terms of brews made and pubs in which to sample those brews. You need to come back out here for a new pub tour. In all honesty, tho’, we do still hit the McM’s Oak Hills Pub or the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse as a default place to get a burger and a decent brew.

  2. dave says:

    The last time I was in town (2006), on the way out of town my ride took me to dinner at the Kennedy School then to the airport. I found it pretty amazing as a venue and something that took a big big vision. I’d love to go back there. I had some good times at Crystal Ballroom but I don’t remember any of them turning on the quality of the beer. If (when) I get back, I’ll let you suggest some top spots.

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