Michael, great to have you interacting! I saw your blog and that just a week or so ago you were trying to resurrect and reclaim it.

There are WordPress plugins that will do exactly what you say. It can be done with very minor hacks to the code, but I don’t feel like reapplying them every time I do an upgrade. I might find a plugin I like and create a category like that. For now while I feel my way around, I’ll just put everything on the blog. With the messiness of silly test posts, it’s going to be a bit messy for a while.

My main thing is that I was expecting the SNAP post thing to leave something behind on my blog. It appears that it engages all the push mechanisms but skips the saving to the blog. I can imagine the use case for that, but it isn’t one that concerns me now. So eventually I probably will create a “Tweet” category or something like that for the ephemera I just don’t care to have on my front page.