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Not only have I hit my 18 month weight low recently, I have actually gotten down into the vicinity of my weight loss circa fall 2012, when I was qualifying for a health insurance rebate. I have no cash incentive this time, I’m just doing it for me.

I started swimming on July 1st. In the month of July, I swam 15.9 km in just over 10 hours. In August, I swam 20.7 km in 11.3 hours. Including the first few days of September, I have swam 43.2 km since this whole thing began.

I’m feeling good, and looking good (self-reported data.) This is not a casual, auto-pilot process. I still need to think about every meal and really carefully examine the amount of carbohydrates I eat. I believe that I will just need to do this for the rest of my life because whenever I don’t, my weight gets out of control. I am fighting some bad habits and some really bad genetics but I think I can at least fight them to a draw.

When I was younger, I desired a swimmer’s body. Never mind that with my morphology and genetics that was basically impossible, it was my ideal. Now I have accepted that I can achieve kind of a Dave Grohl build – beefy middle-aged guy who isn’t fat, isn’t super muscular but just solid. I’ll take it.

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12 thoughts on “Weight and Health Update”

  1. Emilie Smith says:

    Brilliant progress 🙂 I bet you feel a lot better for it too?

  2. I’m right behind you :-). I started at ~300lbs and I’m down to the 250lb range. My goal is 185. Great job! Keep your spirits up.

  3. Dave Slusher says:

    Kellie Miller Good work, keep at it, my friend.

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