Return of the Phone

The prodigal LG G2 has returned. In 7 hours, it hasn’t locked up or rebooted once so it clearly is better than it was before I sent it off. I’m glad to have it back but am now even more mad at LG. I wanted them to send me a refurb and just take the broken one back and refurbish it on their own time. Instead, they made me send this phone back, twice, and essentially gave me a refurb that was my own original phone. It had the same net effect as what I asked for except I didn’t have the use of it for 5 weeks. Screw you guys.

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9 thoughts on “Return of the Phone”

  1. I’m not considering this a closed issue, just that I’m cautiously optimistic. So far, 18 hours without a lockup or reboot. During the Broken Times, it never went as much as an hour without one.

  2. I’m glad your phone is fixed, it’s a great phone, seems that LG Customer Service is bad both sides of the Atlantic, I had a screen break and I waited longer on the phone for the LG official repair agent to answer than driving to a local repairer and waiting for the screen to be fixed. Great phone, but the customer service put it as an also ran

  3. +Paul Rabin That is how I feel. Had they sent me a refurb in September and then fixed my phone and sent it to the next person that needed a refurb, I would be singing the praises of the G2 and LG as a company. Now as much as I like this phone on its own merits, I can’t recommend it because if the warranty needs to be invoked you are guaranteed to be unhappy.

  4. Sadly, I’m starting to think this is how most cell phone manufacturers handle their lemons. I had a similar experience with Samsung. Got me feeling like I won’t ever buy a Samsung phone again (LOL, not that they care), and spread my suspicion to other Samsung products as well.

  5. I am not a bean counter at a cell phone company but I don’t see how shipping out a refurb immediately, or even upon receipt of the broken phone is that much more costly. It does have a wildly different effect on the satisfaction of the end user who is now left without a phone.Like I alluded to, I am not dying for a Fire Phone but I doubt Amazon would have left me hanging like this.

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