So I’m listening to your “slippage from the tribe” rant, and I identify. There’s a whole … tangent I’m sure I could go off on that would be moderately controversial, but I can identify with your nerd apathy with a lot of the things you see being lauded as “mind blowing” on Facebook.

I was with you up until the whole Doctor Who thing – I was completely in your camp on the new Doctor series until my boys badgered me into binge-watching it on Netflix a few months ago.

Perhaps it’s simply because it’s nerdy and my kids are voluntarily looking to bond by watching it with me, or perhaps it’s genuinely good, but by the time we made it through season two, we were addicted.

If you need to give any of the shows you mentioned a chance, I’d suggest Doctor Who – simply because there’s so many seasons ahead of you, you can either watch one a week or binge watch, and at your rate you’ll never feel like you’re out of episodes.

At any rate, great show, as always.