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I did a good job of avoiding Xmas songs until after Thanksgiving. I’m OK with most of the traditional ones but the modern rock holiday songs are mostly dreadful beyond belief. I would prefer to never hear McCartney’s “Simply Having …” again in my life. The Eagles, etc etc are all terrible. I don’t even like the Springsteen version of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”.

There are three modern holiday songs that always perk me up and I can listen to in whatever Target or Walgreens I find myself in without freaking out:

1) The Waitressess, “Xmas Wrappping”

2) Run DMC, “Xmas in Hollis”

3) Darlene Love, “Xmas Baby”

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15 thoughts on “Xmas Songs”

  1. No worries. I like Father Xmas myself, but it’s a once-or-maybe-twice per holiday kind of thing for me.
    The modern-ish holiday songs I dig are mostly the neo-swing stuff from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Brian Setzer Orchestra. But those aren’t in heavy rotation at Target or Walgreens. 😉

  2. I have a candidate for a 4th: Billy Squier’s “Xmas is the time to say ‘I love you’ “. I don’t know if there is a studio version, the only one I know is him with Martha Quinn and the other VJs sitting at his feet like an Andy Williams special.

  3. James Slusher That is not one I enjoy on its own merits. The only thing I like about it is the weirdness. Also, from the time frame that would have to be around Station to Station era which album Bowie claims to have no recollections of recording. It’s possible he was wacked out of his skull and has no recollection of Bing Crosby either.


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