Oh Kroger.com

Dear Kroger.com,

I did a double take when you rejected my password at account creation. I had to read it twice before I understood the violation was that I entered a password longer than 12 characters. Can I get a “FFS!” then an “Amen!”


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10 thoughts on “Oh Kroger.com”

  1. I only know 3 passwords: Google, Dropbox, and KeePass. The rest are generated and unique. I suppose if I ever lost access to my KeePass crypt I’d be hosed, but this has worked for me for most of a decade. I have been able to boot myself up on multiple new computers and phones by just knowing those 3, so the system does work. Also, whenever there is a major password crack at a site, I never worry about my accounts being compromised anywhere else from that.

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