Storm of … Oh My


I just got to the 60% point in Storm of Swords. Oh. Oh. Yes, I see what the Game of Thrones TV show watchers were on about. I think I have officially outrun the spoilers now on this 15 year old novel. I can read a little easier now.

But seriously, I am glad I made it this far knowing as little as I did. It was impossible to avoid mentions of The Red Wedding in pop culture but I did not see it coming as it did, even as I was getting upon it and completely primed for it. Well done, George R. R. Martin!

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4 thoughts on “Storm of … Oh My”

  1. Viv Schubert says:

    The Red Wedding was a beautifully and horrifically brilliant example of how they exaggerate events from the book in order to be able to shock the book readers, too. I was freaking out just as hard as Chooch, who didn’t know what our when or how the Red Wedding would occur.

  2. Dave Slusher says:

    Spoiler Alert!
    Spoiler Alert!
    Spoiler Alert!
    I think he was pretty brilliant to have more than one wedding happening simultaneously. Frankly, I thought it was going to be the other one. After it happened, I was so angry at myself for not noticing the significance of the fact that the band was playing poorly. It was the point at which Catelyn noticed all the people missing from the festivities that I said “Oh shit, don’t tell me ….”

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