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2015-01-12 10.51.08

I work most mornings in a hackerspace in Myrtle Beach. One of my early concerns was whether I would be able to sit still and concentrate on my day job in a building full of 3D printers and lots of neat gadgets. So far that hasn’t been a problem. However it has been a challenge today. There is a box with a Raspberry Pi running an Asteroids emulator staring me right in the face. I must be strong.

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14 thoughts on “Now in the Hackerspace”

  1. You have more willpower than I would in that situation. The Asteroids box alone would have killed my productivity for the day.

  2. Kreg Steppe says:

    Body Strong…Mind Weak!

  3. And analog controller! Sweet!

  4. Dave Slusher says:

    On Friday I had a discussion with the builder about whether it was practical to do a 2 joystick controller for use in playing Robotron 2084. Apparently there aren’t enough pins in the connectors for two joysticks. Whenever I was interested in building a MAME console, it was 99% so I could have a satisfying 2 joystick setup for Robotron.

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