EGC Interview Tuesday Jan 27th at 10:30 PM EST with Michael Butler

I am really enjoying the live video interviews. I’ve done two so far and now there is another one scheduled.

Tonight, Tuesday the 27th of January I am going to do a Hangout with the Rock and Roll Geek himself, Michael Butler. Originally I thought we might do some track by track music stuff but it looks like Google is too hard-assed about music in Hangouts on Air. Still, you can watch along as we talk or view the video afterwards. We’ll talk podcasting, music, movies, comic books – all the good stuff.

The hangout page can be found here. It will be broadcast live on YouTube. I am still trying to get the user interaction stuff working, maybe this will be the one that works. This will be at 10:30 PM EST, 7:30 PM PST, 0330 GMT and whatever that is in your local timezone. The recording will be available afterwards for those busy or asleep.

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