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I just realized with horror that we are already into February. The weekend with two child’s birthday parties – one for my own – left me not thinking too hard about the calendar. That means that if I’m going to do The Month of Letters Challenge I’m already two days behind.

I’ve done it twice and then didn’t do it last year for much the same reason. Somewhere in the middle of February 2014 I noticed that I had never started, and was far enough behind I didn’t pursue it. It is great fun and a great way to connect to friends and family. There is something nice about receiving a nice piece of mail and nice about sending it. Much in the way that I am interested in zines and minicomics because they are somatic and physical, I am interested in LetterMo. So much of my life is digital and on the computer that now and then it is pleasurable to return to the tactile with things like the participant stickers you can affix to your mail.

So, I’m starting at a deficit but I’m doing it anyway. The plan is send mail for 23 days (the shortest month anyway with a mail holiday in the middle.) I’ll do that, and either make up the time on Sundays or go a bit into March. The specifics don’t matter, just doing something does.

I’m in. Who else is with me? A Month of Letters is on Google+ and Facebook, so dive right in.

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5 thoughts on “LetterMo 2015”

  1. Swoopy says:

    Me! I love letters. I will do this, with you, for you, because of you!

  2. Jett Micheyl says:

    You get Sunday off though…

  3. Dave Slusher says:

    I usually try to write my letter(s) the day before so I just run them to the mailbox each morning, so if I had started on time I’d have already done it twice. I’ll just try to catch up or keep going. Like all monthly challenges, getting going from a dead stop is the main point. Once inertia is conquered, the fine details don’t much matter.

  4. Jett Micheyl says:

    The inertia thing stands true in the majority of activities.

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