Hey – catching up on my podcasts, just finished this one on the train today.I’ve always come from the opposite end of the spectrum from you, politically and spiritually (Christian, anarcho-conservative), but arrived at the same place when it comes to most of your viewpoints. This episode was one of those where our commonality was driven home.As a conservative who highly values civil liberty, I’ve always hated the idea that the government has somehow finagled the “right” to end human life. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness – it’s right there at the beginning! One of the first subjects of the predicate in the preamble of the DoI – 2.1!This topic always pushes me to think about all the things that I’ve identified with conservatism that seem to be at odds with the modern definition of conservatism: open borders, free trade, respect for civil liberties, general pacifism. I guess I’m just writing to say “yeah, man. totally agree.”