Still waiting for the 100% diagnosis of this excruciating lower back pain but it appears I have kidney stones. Thus far, not a fan.

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26 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. That would have been unbelievably miserable. The lost voice was bad enough, trying to deal with this and get through training and labs would have been impossible.

  2. Vivid Muse Thank you dear. It is minor compared to what you deal with but that doesn’t keep me from whimpering like a scared puppy when the waves crest. Just got through a crusher, rolling around waiting for tramadol to kick in.

  3. Pamela L Gay A few days ago during the conference I had pulled a muscle in my back, squeezing between tight seats to help customers. I thought it was more of that and was rubbing on icy hot and trying to stretch it out. It kept getting worse until after 2 hours I went straight to the doctor. Blood in my sample plus elevated white count plus pain coming and going in waves suggested it was kidney stones and not the back causing the problem.

  4. Silly human, pain is pain is pain is pain and it sounds excruciating by all accounts. Now, you’ll take my healing vibes and you’ll like it! I just hope they have it wrangled now and you are feeling better <3

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