My New Routine

This is my new daily routine. After day care drop off, I go to Subproto, the Myrtle Beach hackerspace. I set up my laptop and then play a game of Joust on the MAME console in the corner. I work for a few hours and when it is time to leave, I play another one on the way out. So far, it is a pretty pleasant way to spend a morning.

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8 thoughts on “My New Routine”

  1. How does Subproto work?

  2. Dave Slusher says:

    I pay a membership fee and get a key card. They do have events where it is open to the public at times, and people can check it out.

  3. Sam Chupp says:

    Are you getting ready to go up against Acerak? 🙂

  4. Ken Kennedy says:

    I was never great at Joust, but I always did enjoy it…sounds like fun!

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