Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for May 22 2015 – Communions

In this episode, I play a song by Shelby Earl; I talk about John Roderick, enjoying his podcast and being impressed by his candidacy for Seattle City Council; I talk about Atlanta storm sewers and elections; no Balticon for me; I read the Patrons and also give a shoutout for the Grantblings podcast; I talk about being at peace and meditation; I talk about why I would never have really been a punk; I talk about how angry I still am at the Baby Boomers; I mention Pete Holmes and his episode of You Made It Weird where he talked to Richard Rohr; I tell some stories from the days when I thought I would be a preacher and then skeedaddle.

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3 thoughts on “Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for May 22 2015 – Communions”

  1. Eric says:

    1st… your not alone in hating the boomers and their constant bitching at Gen X…. I grew up in a Boomer Run Town and had to hear that crap over and over and over.. I like to call them the baby doomers cause they have spent their lives killing gen x and spitting on each other for it.. just think the same hippies that we spitting on GI’s coming back from Nam and calling them baby killer in ’68 were the same ‘ex’hippies that were getting spit on and called baby killers by the Nam vets at the abortion clinic in ’88… but
    have you noticed lately that so many media items about generations are only about the Boomer / Gen Y (I refuse to call them millennials) it’s like the Silent Generation, Generation X and what ever the kids of Gen X are don’t exist??

    2nd: yes yes yes on the SF Punk thing… love the Nuns, The Avengers and of course Crime… have you read Gimme Something Better an Oral History of the SF punk scene? if you are still interested in that scene it’s worth a look…

    keep up the great shows…

  2. Shannon Nelson says:

    “The communion is not with God, it’s with the person to your right and to your left.”


    Now for a little more mundane… “Sha”? Hmmm, I’ve heard several other shortenings, but you’re the first on that one.

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