Thanks Grant. I have heard of The Refreshments (King of the Hill theme, I’ve got the pistols you keep the pesos guys, right?) but not the follow on band. I will check it out.  I am planning on going even harder country for the song in the next show. Most people say some variation of “I like all kinds of music” when really what they mean is “I like AC/DC AND Cheap Trick!” I really do like all genres of music, from afropop and Bulgarian choruses and squonky free jazz, country (less modern, more 40s – 70s), rock, pop, etc. I try to reflect that in the show without completely losing everyone. When I played the weird Wim Mertens song a while back I did it at the end so people could check out if they like. I never heard one way or another from anyone on that one, but it is one of my favorite bits of music of all time.