It’s extremely easy to follow. In the first 6 week phase, you weigh nothing and count nothing. It defines what you can and can’t eat (and drink) and within that you eat until you aren’t hungry then you stop. In the rest of your life phase, it’s a little trickier in that you have 200 discretionary calories you can use for anything each day. It takes some care to make sure you don’t use those 200 calories over and over.

I mostly eat the same salad for lunch- usually spinach, sometimes romaine – with some of: mushrooms, tomato, avocado, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber. Exact ingredients change day to day with what is in the house. I add flax seed, raw sunflower seeds and some kind of canned beans (reduced sodium if possible). Sometimes I use balsamic vinegar, sometimes the ranch dressing made with tofu that is in the book.