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Here is some photographic example of what I’ve been talking about with Eat To Live. The left picture was taken the day I started, the one on the right this week. There is about a 34 pound difference between the two. I note that I don’t look that radically different, but I’m more generally concave in the before and convex in the after. Although “After” is a misnomer because I’m not stopping anytime soon. “Late Middle” might be a better way to refer to it.

Also, I was not deliberately making a miserable face in the first picture. I am actually smiling in every photo I took except the first day. This isn’t some kind of late night commercial thing, where I am trying to make the before as putzlike as possible. It just worked out that way.

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  1. I’m on a similar path, Dave, but I haven’t had the balls to post pictures (though I’ve taken a few). Dropped down from 170 to 150 from March to May due to a personal crisis; since July I’ve been doing body weight exercises to maintain that weight but add lean muscle. I’m using the hashtag #mwsfit to track my progress / add social accountability.

  2. Thanks everyone. Matthew Wayne Selznick I see your fitness posts. Your level is way out of my league, good for you. Dane Scott Eat to Live, Joel Furman. Evo Terra I don’t own Photoshop and wouldn’t know what to do if I did, that is the best I could do with Graphic Converter.

    1. I do 50 minutes of elliptical a couple times a week. If I get to the gym two days in a row, I will do a weight set that day. Every evening I alternate doing pushups and crunches to failure.

    2. I made the decision it was more important while losing weight to focus on cardio work, burning more calories and increasing general CV health. If I get down to a nice target weight and lose that poochie hang-over belly, I will switch to more weight work myself and increase muscle mass. Unusually for a nerd, I am not anti-exercise. I enjoy lifting weights and spending time in gyms. Right now it is just triage of what is the best use of finite gym minutes.

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