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I spent five days in San Diego at the main office, preparing for and then conducting our training session. Basically, as my partner and I move on to other roles in the company, we trained up a squad of consultants and partners to do the work he had been doing.

The training was well received, with no one in the room feeling unprepared to face the future. I’ve seen complimentary emails moving about, so both higher-ups and the trainees seem happy with the whole deal.

On top of that, I was prepared to take a weight hit, hoping to confine it to a few pounds. Even though I still ate salad at the cafeteria every day and only budgeted one single meal (at Eureka Burger, of course) to go crazy, it seemed possible that just traveling and eating airport food, higher beer consumption, etc might catch up to me. In fact, this morning I was half a pound under where I was last week.

So, all told it was best case scenario all around.

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  1. Dave Slusher says:

    I corrected one of those crucial typos that change the meaning of the post, from “he had been doing” to “we had been doing.” I have been doing almost nothing but this for a year and a half. I was brought on to help with the demand and paid the price for being a team player. I’m happy to be moving to something else, and happy that we seem to be leaving a deep bench behind.


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