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Hey fellow podcasters,

I am setting up two new podcast sites right now. I get to start over clean without all the cruft of my EGC site. If you had to do it all over again, what WordPress podcasting plugin would you use? I have tried a number of them over time and am not sure which one to start over with. Powerpress? Podcasting TSG? Podlove? I am using Podpress on EGC and it is fine but I many not know what I am missing.

Thanks friends.

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9 thoughts on “Questions for Podcasters”

  1. OK guys, thanks. I will give PowerPress a shake. I’m curious if anyone has used PodLove.. It seems to have a lot more features than I’m generally in the market for.

  2. That is the same answer I have gotten from everyone so that solves that for me. I expected at least one person to mention PodLove but like Flattr that seems to be more of a European thing.

    1. No, I didn’t consider that. What would be an alternative with a similar ease of use, availability of functionality through plugins, etc?

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