I thought Blindspot looked intriguing so I set it on the DVR and only just got to watching it this week. I watched all of the pilot. By 10 minutes into episode 2, I deleted the series recording and all the episodes. I just couldn’t take it. This is even though I really like Jamie Alexander as Sif in the Thor movies and was pulling for her. It just felt too network-action-drama bullshitty to me. It’s getting good ratings so most people clearly have either a higher tolerance or even a taste for this. I stopped watching ER a few seasons from the end because it felt like this.

A few observations:

  • This has an NBC patented formulaic plot engine that would make My Name is Earl blush. And the gimmick involves the attractive female lead having to get naked over and over. Even that was not incentive enough to stick around through the horrible dialog.
  • I’m a little surprised I made it through the pilot.
    “Stay in the car!”
    “But you need me!
    <Sigh> “OK, but stay close.”
    Repeat every 6 minutes or more often if the plot needs goosing.

I have a hard enough time keeping up with TV shows. I have a hair trigger and a zero tolerance policy for ones that aren’t working for me.

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3 thoughts on “Blindspot”

  1. I watch The Walking Dead faithfully every week. I never could get into the comic book, though. Black and white and rough art. Love watching the show. Criminal Minds is another good show. Scary. Those monsters are real. The Big Bang Theory, humerous. But not much else. TV wasteland…

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