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Does anyone know of a mobile Twitter client (preferably at least one each for iOS and Android) that allows you to point to arbitrary sites that implement the Twitter API? I know of some that let you use multiple services, but I want to use this with a demo of how easy it would be to replicate the API on our system. It can’t be a predefined system the client knows about, I want to point to the top of a hierarchy with the Twitter API under it and have the client work.

Anyone have any ideas for this? It is a remarkably hard thing to Google for.

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4 thoughts on “Mobile Twitter Client Request”

  1. Ken Kennedy says:

    If I understand correctly what you’re asking, I believe the Mustard client ( does what you’re looking for. (though that may be the old Twitter API). I used to use this to post to an implementation of at my own website, and it worked fine. No clue on iOS, though…sorry!

  2. Ken Kennedy says:

    To clarify…the reason it works is because StatusNet originally duplicated the Twitter API (v1?) as its’ own, so Mustard can be used to post to Twitter, or to an arbitrary StatusNet install. Just point at a different endpoint; same API. This may not still be the case wrt Twitter, I’m not sure.

  3. dave says:

    Thank you Ken, that is exactly what I am looking for!

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