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The Clinton campaign’s narrative that Sanders supporters are sexist is an admission there is nothing to criticize in his policies.

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8 thoughts on “Campaign Fun”

  1. The generalized form of this in any election is that when one candidate attacks another on things other than policies and record, it means their policies and record are not criticizable. Because if you could, you would.

    1. When the very first electoral action was a dead heat between the effectively incumbent and an outsider upstart, that is de facto a huge loss for the incumbent. This shit was hers to cake walk through, and the fact that she can’t is telling.

      Also, let’s not forget that her 2008 primary run was a complete cluster and fell apart on organizing at the grassroots. The candidates from the Big Machine usually forget there are millions of people out there that they need.

    2. I can’t wait to see the park full of supporters. My hope is to see momentum building. Really, who on the left prefers the Clinton message to Sanders? Guilt-ridden rich people listening to NPR in their Volvos and Priuses?

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