Notes from the Lockdown

I didn’t realize until today that the Oscars happened. I still have no idea what won any award. My media lockdown is working swimmingly.

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15 thoughts on “Notes from the Lockdown”

  1. Dave Slusher says:

    Ever since the one-two punch of Million Dollar Baby and Crash, both of which won Best Picture and both of which I didn’t even think were good, I’ve paid no attention to films based on respect from the academy.

    I’ve seen Fury Road, I’ve heard of Ms Simone, never even heard of Spotlight. Here’s what I saw in theaters in calendar 2015: Fury Road, Ant Man, Avengers 2. I may try to go to Deadpool tonight. If I get the rare chance to drag my ass to the cinema, I don’t plan on burning it on some important message movie about injustice. I want it to be one where the giant screen is part of the experience.

    That said, if I could have seen the Jimi Hendrix movie with Andre 3000 in it in the theater, I would have.

  2. Dave Slusher says:

    If Morricone just won his first Oscar, that is not a success story.

    This goes to why I hate ALL awards for creative output. I don’t believe in the Tonies, Grammies, Emmies, Oscars or anything. When it comes to podcasting awards, forget it. As I pointed out, I flat hated and thought were bad films two successive Best Picture *winners*. I don’t care about the voting of old movie industry people, it is pretty irrelevant to me.

    1. Derek Coward says:

      When you first called them The Podcast Circle Jerk was when I looked at all industry awards in pretty much the same light.

    2. Dave Slusher says:

      A lot of the things I think are the “best” are because of the risks they take and the limbs they are willing to go out on. By very nature, that means they tend not to win awards in whatever medium they are from.

    3. Derek Coward says:

      I can see that. I wouldn’t say you have contempt for the mainstream, but I could see you choosing the dog with three legs.

  3. PJ Cabrera says:

    Thanks to my podcast buddy Dave, I am proud to count “circle jerk” in my vocabulary ?

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