Daredevil in the Queue

I want to watch Daredevil Season 2, but my completist spazmo self needs to finish Jessica Jones first. 8 more episodes to go.

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10 thoughts on “Daredevil in the Queue”

  1. Jasper Borgman It isn’t a spoiler/continuity issue. It is a completist personality defect. I couldn’t relax and enjoy Daredevil with JJ unfinished. Plus, it took me from April to October to finish Season 1.I’ll be lucky to finish JJ and DD S2 before the next thing comes out.

  2. Jessica Jones just dragged with the same plot for too long and got boring. Watch the episode with the apartment fight scene and watch the last episode. (Now imagine Killgrave just told you that – you’d be compelled!)

  3. John Selbie I watched an episode last night. I like the show, it just takes me a long time to watch anything. I am almost caught up on The Flash but every other show I watch I am barely into January. We’re talking 4 shows.

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