Zine Test: Success

2016-04-09 21.07.37

Here is a proof of concept that moves the ball down the field of me working on the mythical zine I’ve been talking about for years.

For those wondering, the things on top are pieces of cardstock trimmed to 7.11″ X 11″, and they were put together and photocopied at 77%. Who says you never use algebra in real life? In your face, math doubters!

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4 thoughts on “Zine Test: Success”

  1. I’ve still got a thing for zines – I went digital with my last issue but I still love print https://issuu.com/mikelod/docs/dr2015finalsmpdf?e=3527994/32443611

  2. Make it real, man! If I can do it (with a lot of help from others more skilled than me), you can, too!


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  • 💬 Forrest Aguirre

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