If you buy my analogy of butchering/meat to politics/governing, then there is an automatic good-conscience path to voting for Democrats in 2016. It assumes that politics is imperfect, and so doesn’t choke on the obvious evidence of flaws. HRC is the second-least-popular presidential candidate in the history of polling, trailing only Trump, so there’s no doubt that this campaign starts in tera incognito. But they’re empirically not “the same.” And while I’ll be dubious until proven otherwise about HRC and her relationship to the interests that I consider the enemies of democracy, I am open to the possibility that she will not only follow through on some/most of her promises, but that with a strong push from the left, she may exceed my modest hopes. I don’t “hate” HRC (I did in 2008, but I got over it), and as Robert Reich said, “she’s the perfect candidate for the system we have.” OK, we can work with that, and her SCOTUS appointments alone will make life better and increase our chance of surviving the 21st century. But the lesson of the Bernie campaign, the one that we should have learned but probably have not, is that the left must be engaged to prevail. The right can outsource its agenda to the Kochs. The left has to want it hard enough to work for it even when nobody is looking.