Dan has inspired me to try this one more time. Bernie’s run shouldn’t just teach you one lesson. One of the other lessons that should be learned from #feeltheBern is that you can move the Overton window. He did that and now the DNC platform is MUCH farther to the left than would have been without his fight. He never truly believed he could be the candidate. But he is way smarter than most of us and knew that given the right circumstances, he could change the debate. He got those circumstances and achieved that goal.

Now you can do the same thing. You can’t make HRC win SC. It won’t happen. But you can move the Overton window. If enough people vote Democratic, SC will be seen as trending liberal and politicians will adjust accordingly. If you vote Johnson or Mickey, you might as well not vote. In 2012, SC went 55% Romney/ 44% Obama. Right now, SC is breaking 47% Trump/ 42% Clinton. If that holds, the interpretation from state and local officials will be that SC is holding conservative or trending more conservative. There will be no reason to change. So state and local politics will be same as it ever was. And it is the state and local politics that really impact your day to day life.