Y’all are strongly illustrating my core point. I am LITERALLY BEGGING to be inspired by the HRC candidacy and what I’ve gotten is:
1) She’s smart
2) She’s not Trump (SCOTUS)
3) She will not change the status quo.

Y’all do understand that I was inspired and moved by the Sanders campaign because he was running AGAINST the status quo. He made me feel like a better America was possible – not “Make America Great Again” but making it great in a way it has never been before. What HRC is offering is that she won’t light the country on fire. She will continue to play kissy face with the big banks and the large corporations and continue to erode the middle class, just like the 5 presidents that preceded her (one of whom was her husband.)

Do you not understand why there is an enormous excitement and inspiration gap? I’m being given all these realpolitik reasons why I have to vote for her. Can no one give me anything to make me happy about this?