“We give a heads up when cuming in someone’s mouth, why not trigger warnings?”

I wasn’t drinking milk but still I think milk came out of my nose when I heard that.

I have heard people complain about the use of the words lame, dumb, crazy, and other words that have slipped into common usage. I try to remember these things, but sometimes I forget. I think exploring language is important, but sometimes we have to understand most of the time people don’t mean to be hurtful. A few years ago I discovered that the word jipped, or jip, as in “this bag is only half full, what a jip” is really spelled gyp, and meant to be shortened for gypsy (Roma). So it’s been a trial to try to remember this and stop using the word, but it’s hard when you didn’t realize the history for over 30 years. Do I think dumb is really a slur, I think it was once, and unless I am using it against a person with developmental disabilities it should be ok, but I can imagine that using against a person with developmental disabilities would be very hurtful from their side. Language is tricky, seriously.

As I type this you just said in my ears that you don’t have a facebook presence and it makes me laugh, because normally I don’t do feedback because I would need to be on a computer and find your site, find the post, and then comment. Where as many other podcasts have groups (much better than pages for interaction IMO) and when I have a comment I leave it in the group for the podcaster and the other listeners, much like we did in Dog Days.