LG I Knew Better

I got an LG G2 in Jan – by Oct it was unusable. I got an LG G4 in Jan – it’s approaching unusable.

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10 thoughts on “LG I Knew Better”

  1. I thought 4.7 was as large as I would ever want to go but I’m loving the 5.1 of this Samsung. You really get used to it. It doesn’t feel overly big at all. But yes the screen size race has gotten out of hand.

  2. My System UI keeps crashing. Factory reset has not fixed this. I had weird problems with the G2 that ended up with me sending it to the repair facility twice. I begged them to send me a refurb and just take that back (not even a new one) and they wouldn’t do it. So they took my phone, refurbed it and sent it back but with me not having it for a month. I knew their customer service was dodgy but I had limited options of free phones that work will provide. I may have to start paying for these damn things.

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