Punkin Geography Lesson

Me: “Do you know where Manhattan is?”
Punkin: “No.”
Me: “It’s a very famous city. It’s the home of Kansas State University!”

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15 thoughts on “Punkin Geography Lesson”

  1. PS – Mike Mullinax it is commonly accepted that of the 4 KISS solo albums Ace Frehley’s is better than the other 3 put together, right? Most of the hours I spent listening to any of them were logged in your house

  2. True. My brother and I alternated buying KISS albums. On the solo ones, he got Ace & Peter and I got Gene & Paul. We did spend many hours listening to those records. Still have them too.

    1. Going from Norton KS to visit my grandparents in Nebraska, we’d make a left turn in Mankato KS. It always freaks me out when I see references to Mankato MN. Clearly some pioneers went from one place to another.

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