11 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed ”

    1. Derek Coward says:

      I guess that’s a No.

    2. Dave Slusher says:

      Worst case scenario. Giant group of high school kids on group holiday. Would way prefer a squad of crying babies. Time to crank up headphones

    3. I was going to talk about this one time where I once had a flight back from Frankfurt where I had half the row, but that’s just rubbing it in given your current predicament.

    4. Hey I traveled with my son’s high school band from ATL to HNL at Thaksgiving and the on board entertainment kept them occupied as soon as we got to 10k feet.

    5. Dan Lawrie says:

      I always get stuck next to a fat guy eating a whole salami.

  1. Mark Rhodes says:

    Yeah last time I was sitting there thinking that I had the middle seat open going to Seattle a HUGE non revver gets on last second and takes the middle. I was so cramped the flight attendant felt sorry for me and gave me an extra 2500 miles
    What a miserable flight

  2. My best international flight was to China on Thanksgiving. Not only did ALL passengers have rows to themselves — but we alll had empty rows in front of and behind us as well. Couldn’t have been more than 35 people on the entire flight!

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