Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Aug 3 2017 – Keep One Book To Smell

In this episode, I play a song from the late great Col. Bruce Hampton; I discuss my preparations for the Dog Days of Podcasting and travel to India; I give a podcast queue update and talk about the pleasure I have found in re-organizing my comic books; you know you love a hobby when the tedious stuff is pleasurable to you; digging through the archeological strata of your own life;

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

One thought on “Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Aug 3 2017 – Keep One Book To Smell”

  1. Shannon Nelson says:

    A couple thoughts while it’s fresh in my mind…

    First – yay, I actually remembered to respond while it was fresh in my mind.

    Second – yeah, I’m not up to date on my podcasts either, even after having to radically cut back now that I don’t commute to work. I’ve never been able to figure out how you can listen to people talk and still do design, programming, debugging, and similar work. Sometimes I even have to turn off my music.

    Third – I often run into the organization issue of wanting to put that thing away while it’s in my hand, but realizing that there’s a chain of work to do for that one little thing: (a) I need to create a folder for it, but then (b) I need a new drawer for that folder, and before that I need to clear some space on a wall for that new drawer/shelf/etc., which means I need to move 15 other things to get that wallspace for the 1 thing in my hand. Then I put that thing back down and just go find my coffee. Or beer.

    Anyway, I’m still listening…

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