The Wrong Stuff

Further proof I lack The Right Stuff: it took about 5 minutes of a flying game on Samsung Gear VR to feel sick to my stomach

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3 thoughts on “The Wrong Stuff”

  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    I think the Samsung Gear is as much to blame for not having the right stuff. I once saw a jet fighter test pilot lose his cookies when connected to a Cray T3 series mid 90s VR set up. The Cray T3 was a great, fast supercomputer (16 DEC Alpha processor cores!!!), but mid 90s VR totally sucked.

    1. PJ Cabrera says:

      I was wrong on the T3. The T3D had up to 64 single core DEC Alpha processors. The T3E had 128. Each processor had up to 64 MB of RAM. Each processor was essentially used as a GPU or compute unit, you still needed a Cray Y-MP for input, storage, non graphical output and loading of applications.

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