8 thoughts on “Nth Rodeo”

  1. Carol Boyd says:

    Yeah, but we’ll out hurricane party you!

    1. Dave Slusher says:

      That’s the truth, Ruth!

  2. You say that but you keep your sparkly ruby red shoes pretty close by…….

  3. Jason Pinkey says:

    I find my family size to be inversely proportionate to my level of calm.

    1. Jason Pinkey says:

      I’d be loving life as a single guy right now.

  4. Dave Slusher says:

    Tornadoes are powerful but also a few hundred yards wide and short lived. Hurricanes that are 50 miles wide and live for 2 weeks terrify me. In our youth we hunkered down after the tornado siren a few times every year.

    1. Carol Boyd says:

      These hurricanes are unsettling me also.

  5. You’re not in Kansas anymore….

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