Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Dec 26 2017 – Low Falutin

In this episode, I start with a belated holiday classic song by Jill Sobule; I discuss purging paper books; I love Whiteout by Sage Walker and reading electronically; why are there so many podcast networks? Omnibus Project podcast is very OK; networks and smug comfort; I don’t like “intellectiness”; Scotch and Comics is my favorite podcast; have a great holiday of whatever you celebrate!

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5 thoughts on “Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Dec 26 2017 – Low Falutin”

  1. I want to rant with you about networks. Most are users it seems to me, but some, a seldom great few actually give something to their shows, and those good ones don’t bog you down with ads and then promos for other shows. One I know of gives hosting and a website and RSS feed and full tech support to the shows with the agreement that the host network can place ads on the site, not in the show, just on the site. And then they let the shows do what they please. But other than those rare cases, networks are there to use shows to make money off them or charge them crazy fees, or hijack the RSS feed if a show gets popular to the point of dictating to a show how they must run and even giving them hosts they don’t know. Requiring them to promote products they don’t know. It’s really annoying. Sadly, some new podcasters think they can’t do a podcast without a network, they think they need the works and need money and don’t realize they can do it from anywhere with a mic. Makes me mad.

  2. Derek Coward says:

    The Deliberate Noise Network started as a joke and in some ways has stayed there. I wish I could do more for the shows but I am only on very tired person who can’t even spell one correctly.

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