Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for September 2 2021 – Cheap is as Good a Time as Any

In this episode, I play a song by Colleen Green; I have failed at Bullet Journaling; no organizational system can do my tasks for me; a notecard is the best to-do handler I’ve used in a long time; sending books to Open Library is doing wonders for my clutter; Hachette is suing them for making my life easier; I bet on Amazon and against New York publishing in 2008 and won that bet; publishers will always hate their biggest revenue source; we are in a post-content world; I use EreaderIQ to not pay $18 for a Kindle book; I use CamelCamelCamel to wait for lower prices on anything in Amazon; the listeners weighed in on their FIRE journeys and we all have screwed it up in some way; spend your retirement any way you want to and I won’t judge you.

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, September 2 2021.

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