Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for September 30 2021 – Nobodies Doing Nothing

In this episode, I play a song by Rabih Gebeile; I discuss how new people to the podcasting game disparage their predecessors; the famous people weren’t going to do the work to build the podcast medium; I really enjoy Method Man’s Marvel comics podcast; I jumped off the SModcast train; I have no mission statement; write me and tell me why you are here; fill out the survey, please!!! I am still in Podcasting for Dummies; I shouldn’t be the “no ads” poster boy anymore; my generation is the only one that cared that much about selling out; MyPodcastReviews sounds like a horrifying service that some of you might love; I ain’t paying anything to have my money managed.

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, September 30 2021.

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