Mastodon Test 2

My first test I configured literally nothing, so that was out of the box ActivityPub plugin formatting. There is the ability to adjust it some so I am trying that with this post. Eventually the bulk of these posts will be my podcast episodes so I am trying to find something that will work with that.

My first inclination was to set it up with hashtags, link to the blog post and an excerpt. I realize that I was still thinking in autopost/push type mindset. As I (barely) understand the protocol, the character limits in toots is defined by the instance. I’ve seen people posting about how to raise it per instance. Since WordPress is the “server” it probably isn’t limiting my characters so let’s just show the whole damn thing. I’m now excited to publish the next episode so I can see what the formatting looks like on Mastodon. I tried to push the last episode but updating doesn’t seem to do it, only new posts.

One thing that seems to be missing from this templating language is the ability to put in the “Show More” break. I can add it from the Tusky Android app but not here. If that existed, my template would probably become:
Hash tags
Show More
Full text of the post

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One thought on “Mastodon Test 2”

  1. Dave Slusher says:

    @dave The big question is now, why did those hashtags not come over? They are absolutely configured in the template.

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