Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 12 2024 – Not Much of an Issue, Not Much of a Solution

In this episode I play a song by You Am I; buying some cameras seems be helping the dog pee situation; we took the first road trip in the electric Audi; the free credits with Electrify America aren’t of much worse when they never work; I am playing lots of solitaire; I created a spreadsheet to help me make arbitrary choices; I wondered if I was being too hard on dogmatic punks until I heard Chris Shifflett make the same points as me on Turned Out A Punk; Chris Gethard on Death Sex and Money defends making art and having a day job; I migrated from Wilosophy to TOFOP via the Everyone Relax feed; the kid and I have decided to take up watching Australian Rules Football; I used to watch weird shit on ESPN in the 80s; I was knocked out by the Do You Need a Ride podcast merch store; Self-Hosted is on about the enshittification of Plex; I am not buying any more hardware from companies that want to sell me content; I don’t love Jellyfin the way I should; I don’t love Docker the way nerds think I should; I want a color Onyx Boox 10″ but I do not want to pay $500.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

One thought on “Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 12 2024 – Not Much of an Issue, Not Much of a Solution”

  1. Chris C says:

    Hey Dave! I saw your mention of the electric Audi so I listened to this one 🙂

    I’ve been advising people for a couple years now that the “free charging” perks that EV carmakers provide to new buyers are not quite worthless but close to it, and you’ve discovered why. The Electrify America stations are often down, or running at reduced power, or congested as you saw. On the carmaker side, the smartphone app that you need to use to claim those credits (in your case, the Audi app) often doesn’t work, and you end up paying by credit car anyway. Further, starting last year and definitely continuing this year, there are other providers coming online that make the detour to an EA site, and yet another sad Walmart parking lot, less attractive. Notably, a) gas stations like Pilot and Bucee’s are hosting deployments (from GM and Mercedes, respectively), and b) Tesla is opening up their network to non-Tesla CCS cars.

    You said the credit units were in “kilowatts” but you meant “kilowatt-hours”. If you roll your eyes at that nitpick, consider how you might feel when somebody confuses megabits and megabytes 🙂
    By the way, EA has these agreements with most carmakers, not just those in the VW group. VW intended EA to be carmaker agnostic from the start, and indeed were required to via the Dieselgate settlement with the US government by which VW funded EA.

    I was surprised to hear that you’re using ABRP for live routing, like Waze. I just use it for planning ahead of the trip, but then on day-of, I’m using a) the car navigation and b) the native network apps for live station status. I have a checklist for this written up here: https://electrifyatlanta.com/public-charging-stations-and-roadtrips/ (scroll down to the “roadtrip planning checklist” section).

    FYI I just bought a new EV, a Genesis GV60. I’ll send you an email with an offer of some items from my Audi (lease gets turned in tomorrow) that you might find useful.

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