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Music Topic For as many days as I can maintain it, I’m going to try to make an
entry every day about a musician I love. To keep it all webloggy, I’m going to
limit it to musicians that offer their MP3s. Other than WREK, this is
how I find out about new bands nowadays. I was going to start with the
one I like most, but since this is a new weblog, I’ll hold off and
present one I just found a few days ago.

The Kropotkins
caught my eye while looking up Mulatta Records for WREK. They have
Dave Soldier (of the Soldier String Quartet), and !!Mo Tucker!! of the
!!Velvet Underground!! in the band. Wow! Mo used to live in Georgia,
maybe she still does. I downloaded the MP3 of their song Sissy Wa Wa and I’ve
listened to it 30 times in the last few days. It has a skip-rope
cadence, funky guitar and bass, and just plain rocks. I must find out more
about this band.