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I’m officially attempting to get into the Ponzi scheme – this morning
I registered with Blogdex,
so we’ll see what happens with that. It would be interesting to see my
band of the day picks start showing up in there. If so, I might run
back through them so as to get them all represented better.

I realized that my late-night, bleary eyed entry was the only one for
yesterday. I seem to have forgotten to make any more. I believe I’ve
made my last notice of when I miss posting the band of the day. I’ll
try not to miss it, but if I do it will pass without comment.

World record record

The debate over “best” album in rock history seems to not be terribly
vituperative. Craig Shaw Gardner floated the soundtrack to Saturday
Night Fever under the “best representative of the zeitgeist of its
time” and I can’t really disagree with that. That’s the criteria by
which I rank Nevermind and London Calling highly as well. If I had to
start from scratch this instant, I think being a music historian and
critic would be a good career for me. And my pick for best album of
all time under the “when I hear it I feel in tune with the notion that
anything in this world is possible and am uplifted by the sound” category
would have to be Coltrane’s Love Supreme.

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This decision to do everything from the Linux box rather than set up
umpteen copies of BlogMax on every computer I use was a good one. I’m
at this moment in the radio station, digitizing new music for the
robots to use and I’m logged into home, weblogging. Today I’m putting
in some Pixies, Sonic Youth and Toenut as oldies. We used to have
these big freaking reels of music, about 30 songs on them, that were
our oldies. New music was recorded on carts with announcements of what
they were. Two reels would be loaded, and reel A would play, then a
cart, reel B, a cart, reel A, etc. If you listened to WREK between
1973 and 1997, you surely heard this sometime or another. Well, the
last reels were made around 1993 and most were made in the early/mid
80’s. When we went digital, we digitized the old reels to give us a
starting place. However, we have a big gap in our oldies from the late
80s to the late 90’s. I’m trying to put in stuff to plug that a
little. I’m not as far on the edge as most of these people, I’m going
“Teenage Riot” and “Gouge Away.” In the WREK spectrum, I’m a
centrist. By commercial radio tastes, i’m way out on the edge but
these folks look at me as if I was top 40. Stuck in the middle again!

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I forgot to do a band of the day yesterday. Oops. Looking back over
the last one I did, I used the word “amazing” three times in three
sentences. That might be a bit excessive, but Primus really gets to

I set up a script that will automatically post my daily weblog entries
to Dueling Modems and
. It already drew some comments, about evenly mixed. The
sad truth is that for the time being, I’ll be putting my efforts here
rather than composing posts. I already cut-and-pasted my daily
hows-it-going type posts between the two places, this just adds a
third to the mix.

A coworker sent me a link to a column
of advice on how to be a CEO from jail.
Funny stuff. My favorite

The FBI frequently confiscates ties, belts and shoelaces. So wear a shirt that looks good without a tie (a Nelson Mandela Madiba is good) and loafers without tassels (simple pumps for women). Men may want to consider Sans-a-belt adjusters on trousers: Jail usually means weight loss.

In my capacity as guy who generates e-mail from WREK, I get added
to a lot of publicity type lists. I got e-mail from jazz musician
Gunter Hampel and the
subject line was “Kein Thema”. I read it thinking he had an album or
project or something by that name, but it was an announcement of a
show at the Knitting
in New York City. Confused, I thought about it and
realized that is German for “No Subject”. Doh!


Technology TopicNow I can’t wait to get home. The IT guy at work has given me
an indefinite loan of a wireless card. I’m going to plug it into my
laptop and see what I can see. I don’t have an access point or
anything in the house, so unless one of my neighbors has a wide open
access point, there ain’t a lot I can do with it. I suppose I could go
down to Georgia Tech where the
whole campus has them and play with it.

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So I rocked out last night, and I’m not in too bad
of shape now. The show ended relatively early, so I was at home by
12:15 AM. I didn’t get to bed that much later than I usually do. Sonic Youth was good, noisy
fun. They didn’t play “Teenage Riot” or “Mary Christ” but they did
play “Candle”, “Kissability” and “Silver Rocket” from Daydream
and “Kool Thing” from Goo. All in
all, a good investment. The Vortex was quite good, and I bought the CD
of Daydream Nation at Criminal, replacing the worn
cassette I have played 1000 times. That Ragin’ Cajun burger and cheese
dip was the
end of the line, today I start working on losing weight.

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My friend from Portland, Shannon, pointed out that the CSS was making
the page scroll way to the right on IE. That should be fixed now. I
only use IE when I absolutely have to, since I hate it. I’ve been
using Mozilla for 8 or 9 months
now, and I think it is the way to go. The tabbed browsing has altered
how I use browsers, and being able to bookmark a whole set of tabs and
load umpteen pages with a single menu action is awesome!

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TV TopicI ended up up going to WREK over my lunch hour. Last week a
lightning strike caused some damage to the station, and this morning
the telemetry went nuts and just shut the station off. I happened to
be calling the shack robotic information line when someone picked up –
it was Chris, my compadre WREK alumnus. He also does a lot of the
engineering there (we were undergrads at the station together back in
the 80’s) and he was in the shack fixing things. His problem was that
he couldn’t both sign on from the station while checking things at the
shack. No problem, said I, and hopped in my car for the station. He
signed it on, I played the legal stuff and got us back on track. It
was just in time to play the 12:30 – 1 PM program, although about a
minute early so I cut on the mike and briefly explained that technical
problems kept us off the air all morning and that "robots seized control of the station for a while, but the humans are now back in
charge". I was only in the station 22 minutes as measured by the
parking meter out front. It helped that this happened during lunchtime
when it was easier to pick up and go.

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Got a call this morning from my brother at 5 AM. Within the next 24 –
36 hours I will be an uncle! I can’t wait. This weekend we’ll be going
and visiting.

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Another modification to the timestamp – I’m having it put in an anchor
tag with the same name as the timestamp, so that you could link to
this entry as 020727.html#20:38. Of course, I’m not sure if a colon is
valid character so I might have to changed that.

TV TopicMy wife is watching Trading
right now. I can’t stand that show. I find it more cruel than
Jerry Springer, harder to watch than the surgery shows. Yipes.

I looked at the web (access) logs, and I actually have had a visitor. As of
this afternoon, at least one person has actually read this log! It’s
official, I’m not talking to myself!