Ustreaming Tonight, March 2nd at 8:30 PM Eastern

Tonight and for the near future, I’ll be live on Ustream Monday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern time. Most nights I will be recording episodes of the podcast in that time slot but tonight I’ll be shooting a video of me unboxing and setting up my comic book drawer boxes that just arrived today. If I can figure out how to stream the camcorder video as I shoot it, I’ll do that. Otherwise, I’ll just set a laptop nearby and let it ride. We’ll see how this works out. Tonight might be interesting or it might be a disaster. Anything is possible but drop in and check it out.

The Death of Online Video

Ninja boy Kent Nichols posted another of his periodic attention getting link bait articles (mission accomplished, sir) titled “Is Online Video Dead?” I think the first “podcasting is dead” article I saw was in April of 2005 and they’ve been coming ever since. This whole line of thinking used to depress me but now it invigorates me. If all the people like Kent’s friend will not get into online video because “it’s too late and there is no money in it” then I feel great. That means the field is once again unattractive to carpet-bagging gold-rushers looking to sweep in, make a fortune as quickly and cynically as possible, and then sweep back out. We don’t need those people. We’ve never needed those people. That those people don’t want our medium anymore is great news for everyone.

The whole rationale behind CreateSouth is the exact opposite line of thinking. It is fun to create and be creative and even more fun when someone else experiences your work and talks to you about it. Is there any money in it? Who cares! There’s no real money in radio at the individual DJ level, why would it be any different for podcasters? I’ve always thought the salutary effects of having a culture with many versed in media literacy and media creation are enormous. A populace empowered to create and publish their own thing whenever they feel like it is a better populace. That is democracy in action, and is much more valuable than a few bucks per podcast.

Get out there, do your thing. Some of you will have success at the Ask a Ninja level. Almost everyone else won’t. Big deal, it’s the same way with novels and screenplays and bands. You should do it because you love it first, make the most of it you can but with realistic expectations. If you take no pleasure in the creation of it, you are certain to fail.

Goodbye, new media get-rich-quickers! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It was bad to know you and no one will miss you.

Vlog Archeology

After a few weeks of fiddling with the Zune, I have cleared my vlog backlog for the time period from August to the present. When I finished watching those episodes, I started pulling in old files I’ve been saving on my external hard drive. Over the last few days I have imported all the files I had from April and May of 2006. Some of these are from shows I subscribed to back then and have since dropped. A number of them have some kind of news/review component which are downright weird to watch 18 months after they originated. I’m so ridiculously behind on my vlog watching that I still have about 50 episodes of Rocketboom with Amanda Congdon on them unwatched.

It’s kind of cool to go back in time, but in some ways feels a little pointless. I suppose if I get tired of the experiment I can always bail on the shows that don’t seem worth the effort to watch them. For now, I’m enjoying this trip down memory lane.

Ask A Ninja + LonelyGirl15 = Less than the Sum of Its Parts

I have watched Ask a Ninja from the beginning, and I am a fan. I think some shows are more hilarious and some are less hilarious, but I have never known them to not bring the funny. That is – until today. Catching up on my videos at lunch, I watched the episode where they had on the actress from LonelyGirl15. Wow. The whole video was about 5 minutes long including intro, outro, shilling for the store, etc and it felt like 15. About 2/3 through I checked the time on this to see how much was left, because if it was a whole lot more I would have bailed. I’ve never watched LonelyGirl15, and listening to the creators on their panel at SXSW really did an anti-sell job on me. Had there been any danger of me watching, this crossover put that to rest. It wasn’t funny, the actress had negative charisma – she had none herself and she sucked some out of the ninja. Great googly moogly.

I realize that I’m old and some things are meant to baffle me, but an increasingly large percentage of the popular new media things (pretty much always video) just perplex me why they are popular. I understand the different strokes nature of the field, I just don’t understand how anyone’s stroke can be that different.

How to Make a Living in New Media

I saw Mike Geoghegan’s post about making a living as a podcast consultant. He is keying off of what Chris Brogan said, and also cites Todd Cochrane’s volley into this match. I’ll put in my tiny entry, and try to do it better than when I had almost the same go-round with Kris Smith a few months back.

These guys are in some cases debating fine points about the best way to brand, whether audio is relevant and a good way to establish you as a media producer, etc. Me personally, I think these are all answers to the wrong question. The real question is “How will producing new media for a Fortune 100 company be any better than doing anything for them?” In my own life and career, I have worked hard to eliminate the need to deal with those sorts of people, ie the middle managers at very large companies. Speaking only for myself, the more overlap I have with those guys the less happy I am.

I think there is a lot of value when you can do your own thing and get paid for it by whatever mechanism. That could be having sponsor you like Ask a Ninja now does, or by selling enough merchandise to make a go of it, etc. Anytime you leave the wheelhouse of that, it’s all the same to me. I see no real difference in recording a podcast for Merck Pharmaceuticals, writing copy for them as a staffer, or (as I once did) working in one of their laboratories in a factory. It’s getting paid for doing something you wouldn’t do without the pay. I have no fundamental objection to that – I’ve done it most days of my life. I did it today and will do it tomorrow. However, I don’t see any reason to believe that life is so much better if the ultimate result of your work is an audio or video file in an RSS enclosure.

Even worse, what I hate most about the underlying message of Brogan’s post is that “You must do things a certain way in order to preserve your money-making ability.” The biggest value of doing my podcast for the last three years is the exact opposite of that – that I have the freedom to put out the work I most want to at any time. That may mean that I change formats periodically or even publish a show unlike anything before or since. I take risks that I wouldn’t if my ultimate goal was to kiss enough ass to get people to pay me for my services. To be very clear on this point – I have no problem with people making money off their new media but I think it is harmful to do your work in any way that is not exactly what you most want to do. I fear that people will water themselves down and play it safer and closer to mass appeal in order to position themselves as a person able to capitalize on the gold rush. I think that sucks, and it is exactly opposite of everything I stand for as a podcaster.

This is the point I’ve been waiting for with dread, when the money in new media begins to corrode away what really matters to me. Worse, it’s not even actual money but the idea of potential money. This is what my talk at PME will be about in part, and I suppose its good for that to have something to spark me off. As always I say, do the work that matters to you and the rest will follow.

Grand Strand Blogger Meetup NEW DAY – This Sunday

I pulled the plug on the original date for the Grand Strand Blogger meetup because for one I had dog care issues and for another, it was unbearably poor form to hold it on Father’s Day. Even though no one seemed to mind, I just didn’t like the idea so we scooched it one week back. If you are driving distance and want to come, please do and invite your friends. You need not blog or podcast or videoblog, even having a vague interest that you might want to one day is enough. Just come.

Here again is the announcement:

In the spirit of ongoing attempts to crystallize a blogger community here in the Grand Strand, I’m organizing a get together. If you are a blogger, podcaster, videoblogger or interested in any of the above, come and hang out with us. Here are the specifics:

Sunday June 24th at 3 PM, Bummz at 2003 N. Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC
Phone number of the joint: 843-916-9111
Google Map to the restaurant

We’ll be at a table outside as close to the beach as we can get. If you are interested in coming, please send me a non-binding RSVP via email just so I can keep you abreast of logistics and make sure we have enough table space reserved. Feel free to forward this information around, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, blog about it yourself. Bloggers now do this kind of thing all the time in Charleston, and we’re as good as those people. Just like they found out in Charleston that when they got together they had a critical mass they didn’t realize existed, let’s try to get the same thing going in our part of the state. Let’s rock!

Ourmedia RSS

For some time, the RSS feeds at Ourmedia were broken. I saw this from doing cleanup on non-responsive feeds at AmigoFish as well as at my own vlog. It had been in the back of my mind to email JD Lasica and ask him if this was temporary, permanent or what was up. Over the weekend, miraculously they all sprang back to life. I guess it was the right weekend for the RSS to rise from the dead. I got a bunch of media from feeds that had been sitting lifeless in my podcatcher.

I missed out on videoblogging week 2007. Last year, I at least managed one video in the seven days. In fact, I haven’t published a video since that one. Yowza, I need to get on the stick. If and when I finally do another one, it will be good to know that Ourmedia is working again.

You Tube Confession

When you IM me your links to YouTube videos, I don’t look at them. When you embed them in your blog posts, I don’t click them. Even when you tell me that they are the most fantastic thing ever, I don’t do it. I hate the interface, I hate the shitty resolution and frame rate of those things. There is pretty much nothing I care about enough to touch YouTube for. I’m willing to subscribe to your RSS feed if I like your show and watch them offline, but I opt out of the whole YouTube craptacular experience. I just plain hate it.

Scoble On the Rampage

There’s an interesting debate heating up over at the Scobleizer. Scoble took some people (Engadget specifically) to task for not linking to him on his scoop about the new Intel fab and technology, choosing instead to link to the New York Times story of the same. On the one hand, it’s hard to feel sorry for huge-name bloggers not getting linked to enough for their tastes. On the other, I think his basic point is valid. He does appear to have info directly from Intel in his video no one else does which ought to make him a primary source in this story. There is something a little odd about bloggers choosing not to support other bloggers and instead give all their link love to organizations that hate them and do nothing but deny the value of blogging as a pursuit.

I like Robert and the one time I met him he was really cool and nice to me. I wish I could have seen him again at Converge South, but I blew that. In the last week or two I just subscribed to the Scoble Show, starting around the time he was posting the John Edwards videos. I haven’t watched any of them yet, but they are downloaded. Because of the differing consumption mode, I’m mostly caught up on my audio podcasts but nine full months behind on my video podcasts. I can listen to the audio all day at work and during my commute but the video can only be watched at certain times. On days when I eat at my desk, I typically watch videos then but I have to do the “Work safe” ones, so some of them end up getting turned off in the middle. I was actually hesitant to add another video podcast to my list of ones I’m not watching in a timely manner, but what the hey. Scoble, you’re in. When my external drive gets filled, though, a day of reckoning will come.

Thoughts Which Must Not Be Spoken Aloud

So now that the Ze Frank furor seems to be about over, it strikes me that there is one commonality in most of the comments I received from the true fen. Fans of Ze Frank seem to not believe it possible that I can find the show disposable. Sorry kids, it’s true. It’s funny, but not nearly as funny as Tiki Bar TV. It pushes the vlog form, but not nearly as hard as Dave Huth’s 90 Seconds of Dave vlog. It’s engaging, but I’m not nearly as engaged with Ze as I am with Juan and Ximena from Viviendo con Fallas. I think it’s good, but I don’t find it great. It’s more trouble than it’s worth to deal with and thus it got dropped. After I did, I didn’t miss it for one second and if not for the recent dustup I probably wouldn’t have ever talked or thought about it again.

It’s Scoble’s favorite vlog. Most of the people who have rated it on AmigoFish have rated it five stars. I understand that most people that experience it love it. I got lots of “Why would you drop something so wonderful just because it was a pain in the ass to you?” type incredulous comments. Different strokes and all, you know. Just because you are entranced with it doesn’t mean everyone is, you little solipsist you. Get used to the post-scarcity media world, where your fanaticism and love of one given thing may not be very portable to the population at large (even the population of other vlog watchers.) If you can’t handle the fact that other people don’t love all the same things that you do, there is a long and bumpy sled ride ahead of you, down a rough steep landscape filled with media of all kinds. I’ll wave at you on the way down.

Insomnia Film Festival

Apple is sponsoring a contest for college students to create a film in 24 hours called the Insomnia Film Festival. The grand prize is a copy of Final Cut Pro and an 80G video iPod. I went to look at the terms and conditions to see how odious they were, expecting the worst. I was surprised in that Apple is not asserting full ownership of the work and waiver of all your rights, but does specify that you grant them a free license to redisplay and redistribute it in perpetuity. So, Apple preserves the right to do things with it at their will, but doesn’t subtract that right from you. That’s a step up from typical in this sort of thing.

If you look in the fine print, you have to be a current student of an accredited college and the film has to be made on a Mac. I’m eliminated by the first rule or I might think about doing. The basic idea seems to owe a lot to the 24 Hour comic book format, pioneered (I think) by Scott McCloud and popularized by Dave Sim who reprinted many in the back of Cerebus. It’s also a little bit Iron Chef, because when the contest begins they’ll publish the three elements to be included and then the film is due 24 hours later. Presumably, they’ll be elements that would be difficult to just drop in to prepared scripts and films, but we’ll see.

Overall, it sounds interesting. If I were in college, I’d probably do it. For videobloggers, this should be a cakewalk. I’d love to see a prominent vlogger take this. Even better would be if a team from the Carolinas takes first. Paging Mark Welker!

Ze Frank vs. Rocketboom

Andrew Baron posted his end of an odd vidcast argument that Ze Frank started here. Chris Brogan comments on that episode as David Berlind does as well, although Berlind is not addressing the Rocketboom diss but the TV networks diss.

Having watched the show, I think his attack is milder than I was expecting from Drew’s post and given the whole Ze Frank schtick but is nonetheless bullshit. He points to Alexa statistics as supporting his contention that Rocketboom isn’t really serving 300,000 downloads an episode. Uhh, right. I went to the Rocketboom website about once for every 50 episodes I watched. I’m on a Mac, so Alexa wouldn’t count me anyway. Propping up his argument with Alexa is not a winning strategy because those numbers are far from definitive. And besides, what kind of foolio complains about having 30,000 downloads in such a show? Waaaah. There is no crying in baseball and there is no crying in vlogging. Ze (or Frank or however you shorten your name), don’t be such a baby.

I used to subscribe to Ze Frank’s show, but I don’t anymore. Here’s my list of issues with his whole setup.

1. His feed system sucks but hard. I don’t know whether it’s his problem or Revver or what, but its just lousy. I couldn’t use Juice to subscribe, because every single file came down named “” and if I had more than one day getting downloaded, I had to catch it by hand or every subsequent file would overwrite the previous one. That’s just stupid level stuff. At that point, someone has paid the bandwidth for serving me multiple files, and I have one sitting on my computer to watch. Not smart. If I throw that in a directory with 20 gigabytes of other vlogs on an external drive, I had to rename every single file or they would all overwrite each other. After a while, I got so sick off hand renaming files that that I just unsubscribed. Some days, the enclosure just isn’t there in the feed. It sucks and is the most ridiculous failure of a simple task I have ever seen in podcasting in two years. The people who hand code their XML do a better job. I liked the show, but not so much for it to be worth all this trouble. I doubt I’m the only person with this experience.

2. He has no usable show notes or links of any kind. In fact, if you follow the links to his site you’ll get a bland page with no description. [It took me multiple looks to realize that “vb #2” is a description. It’s just such a bad one you can’t tell it is.] Just like you can’t tell one day from another via the filename of the download, you can’t tell shit about it from looking at the page. Is this the day he went off on Rocketboom or was that the day before? Have to watch the video to find out. Maybe that’s part of the master plan (requiring extra views to even know what the subjects are) but it is a lousy strategery. No google juice, no return links, no trackbacks, etc. The basics of this world are the more you give the more you get, and Ze Frank don’t give anything.

3. His show has a lousy and non-distinctive name, “The Show”. Rocketboom has no other uses in the compound form than the show so if you see it as one word, you know what it is. “The Show” ain’t got that property. On its AmigoFish page (a name created by a similar process as Rocketboom, btw), “The Show by ze frank” has less than 1/20th the ratings of Rocketboom. That’s skewed by the fact that AmigoFish has been mentioned on Rocketboom, but if you subtracted out the number of people that joined in the two weeks after that mention, the margin would still be greater than the 10 to 1 disparity in downloads. Some of that might be that you can’t search on it easily and find it by its title, only searching “Ze Frank” will turn it up. Despite the perceived injustice by Ze, he has less traction by the only statistics I have access to. I think a big chunk of that is his own fault.

So there you go. Even though “The Show with Ze Frank” has a certain belligerent and insane charm, I don’t bother with it anymore because it is more trouble than its worth. Despite Ze’s insinuation, Drew Baron has worked hard to make his show useful, available via many channels and play a part in the vlog and blogosphere ecology. Ze has apparently not put a goddamn second into that end — the “making it useful”, good user experience sissy stuff. I guess when your gig is being an aggressively ironic, post-modern and bat shit crazy … whatever he is, you can’t be bothered trying to be useful.

Update: More conversation by Jeneane Sessum on likeability. I thought she was going another way until the very end because Ze Frank has a lot of positives but likeability isn’t one I’d ascribe – more like “manic creepy charisma.” Perhaps she means the show as a whole is likeable. I think it is offputting by design rather than likeable but however you want to score it. Scoble suggests engagement as a metric which is not unlike what I’ve been saying for the last two years.

To clarify my position, I did indeed like the show (or “The Show”) but not enough to jump the hurdles put in my way to watch it in my desired manner. I can’t set it and forget it via RSS because the feed is so screwy. There is no video website that I am willing to go to every single day. I’m an outlier in that case. I don’t generally want to watch them synchronously and wait for them to download, and I’m never going to remember to go back every day. That’s, like, why I subscrbe to the damn RSS. I hear about how popular YouTube videos are and I see them embedded in blog posts all the time and I never click them because when I’m reading stuff I don’t want to watch videos. I’d rather watch a batch of them when I’m in the mood for it, much like I watch TV.

Update 2: According to the people in the Ze Frank Fanboy Forum I’m an idiot because his feed doesn’t work right with my podcatching clent. That’s home field advantage for you, kids. I’m beginning to get the sinking feeling I have once again gotten involved in a food fight with fanatics. This is the true power of the blogosphere – reducing the time between entering a conversation and regretting getting involved to all-time lows. Here is the knee-slapper of the thread so far:

Nah, just the accountability of established media from an experimental form. Philistine.

That’s right, Ze fans, you drive by a blog you never heard of before today and you know everything about it. What I really want from Ze is to be more “old media”. I think reading more than a single post would point what a truly frigging stupid observation that is.

Update 3: Jon wins the award for my favorite Ze Frank fan so far. He actually is conversing, as opposed to driving by, leaving a bag of burning poop and peeling out. That makes this whole thing much more fun and alleviates a little of the dread I was getting.

If you are coming from Ze’s forum, please do me the favor of reading all the comments so far before leaving one so you can get an accurate assessment of the back and forth to this point. Thanks.

BTW, for the dudes you think I’m an old media guy, you might be wrong. I’ve, like, done this podcast for over two years, done a show for IT Conversations for over two years, etc. I’m just saying.

Update 4: The Ze-slide appears to be winding down. They sure are tetchy on the forum, aren’t they? In the final analysis, probably no one on there said anything harsher than what I usually hear over the XMas dinner table. I like the people that point out that my post “wasn’t really about the content of his show.” Uhhhh, yeah. Ze tacitly accused Drew Baron of lying about stats. I pointed out a lot of ways that Drew makes Rocketboom work for maximal audience that Ze falls down on. So yes, friends, that’s not about the content. From a sheer artistic standpoint, Ze is better – no argument on that point. I found his delivery systems to be such a failure that the effort to get it exceeded its value to me. If he wants to get all numerical and get his up, that might be a fine place to focus some effort. If not, he can just toss around accusations until everyone gets tired of him. Either way the numbers take care of themselves, sports racers.

Update 5: Heather Green and Rob Walch look at the logs and find that Rocketboom is not getting 300,000 downloads a day, only 211,000.

Update 6: Something occurred to me today. In the forum, a number of people laid into me as being anywhere from a lazy turd to immoral for knowing Ze’s RSS enclosure feed is boned but merely unsubscribing rather than pushing back and trying to get it fixed. I’d argue that it’s not the responsibility of those who can take or leave a show to verify its technical correctness, but whatever. But – they are rabid Ze truefans, and although apparently not a single one of them was able to figure this out on their own they all know now. As of today the feed is still screwed up. I’m subscribing via NetNewswire just to see if/when the videos ever come down with a different filename. If it doesn’t ever get fixed, then either they are just as lazy as me or it would always have been useless to let him know. We’ll start the count at Day 2 of Ze Feed Watch.

Update 7: On November 16th, Asi from Revver left a comment that they had changed their architecture in a way that allows you to subscribe without overwriting your files again and again. From original post to that, 21 days. I think it was fixed a few days before that, so under 3 weeks from the start of the count to things being changed. Better than I would have thought.

In the final analysis, even though the feed has been made more subscription friendly I’m not planning on subscribing again. Having a bunch of rabid Ze fans yelling at me for being stupid because I can live without his show definitely sucked out any remaining warm feelings I might have once had. Nice work. I haven’t watched it in many months and I haven’t missed it at all. If you love it, great for you. I don’t, the end. From me, this topic closed. Amen.

Kirby Puckett Remembered in the Lens of October Ball

Two threads intersect in this post. I’ll try to tie them together as neatly as I can.

1 – I’m actually more enthused about this baseball post-season than many of the last decade. In a strange way, having the Braves never get in it changed my expectations and experience. Rather than watching them lose in the divisionals and then shift my loyalties to whoever was the least Met-iest or least Yankee-iest was one thing. Actually wishing the Tigers well from the beginning, wishing the Cards would make it all the way is different. And as I go through this, rooting the Cards over the Mets, the Tigers over the A’s, I remember how much I just love this game. It’s great to have your team win, but that can blind you to the beauty and power of the game itself. This lingerning bit of pastoral America being played all over the country all summer but now in a few big cities, watching the pitching changes and the strategy and the suicide squeezes and the hit-and-runs that work or don’t, it all gets me right there. And by not having them in the playoffs this year and breaking their entitlement streak of October baseball, it reminds me how much I love the team of the Atlanta Braves.

2 – I’m six months behind in my vlog viewing, so a video that was posted during spring training, right after Kirby Puckett’s untilmely and sad death, just got watched by me in the thick of the LCS. It’s a piece on a Kirby Puckett memorabilia collector and like you, sir, I too got misty after Kirby died. Even though my main memory of him is beating my beloved Braves in the World Series, the thought of losing him at 45 couldn’t be sadder. And, I got misty watching this video too. God bless you and every one of those 2500 baseball cards. Keep the memory of a great player and a good man with a fat ass swing alive.

Those silly commercials have it right. I do love this game. I love it in April and man do I love it in October.

PS – Go Cards!

Security Hookup

This is the post that precipitated the previous rules post. There is a local Myrtle Beach firm that is releasing a computer security video and audio podcast that I like a lot. It is the Security Hookup. Joe, the guy that does it is the first geek I met in the Grand Strand, and was an attendee at the very first Uplifter meeting. He asked me to take a look at the feed and the show months ago, before it was made public. I made a few minor suggestions about file naming conventions and such. Mostly though, I thought it was ready to roll from the very beginning.

I have been wanting to link to the show for some time, as I like it and think it is very well done. From the very first episode, I learned a whole lot about the squid proxy and it made me realize I should be using it rather than sockd when I need a proxy. Joe’s been very cautious about the hosting situation and getting the show how he likes it before it became public. In the time since all that happened, I have gone to work for the company. That left me in the odd position that needed the conversation with my boss and the rules. On the one hand, I didn’t want to represent myself as a spokesman or out myself as an employee without their knowledge and approval. On the other hand, it would be disingenuous to point to the videocast as something I like and not disclose I work for the same company, even though I didn’t when I first came to like it.

So there you have the whole thing. I’m a fan of the Security Hookup, and think a lot of the people that enjoy Security Now and other similar shows would like it. If you prefer audio, you can get solely that but there is well integrated video as well. The video is more than the talking head, as it presents screen shots and enough additional information and context that if you can possibly experience it that way, I recommend it. I give this show a thumbs up, even though that thumb is deep in the Pocket of the Man.

This post complies with my work blogging rules of the road.

Say It Ain’t So

Now that I’m working out of the house, I don’t see a lot of blogosphere stuff and email until the end of the day. That’s why I didn’t see this bit about Amanda leaving Rocketboom until just now. I watched the video and like Doug Kaye, I really wanted it to be a hoax. An insider who knows much more than me, Chuck Olsen says it isn’t in both that post and the comments.

Amanda and Andrew have been very good to me, giving me some Rocketboom link love for both my podcast and for AmigoFish. I wish both of them the best in their subsequent endeavors. It seems unlikely that the lightning can be put back in the bottle, but where there is life there is hope. My hope is still that it’s a hoax, just a very convincing one with a lot of co-conspirators.

Update: Now, more detail on the situation direct from Amanda. Esperanza muere ultima. I do kind of agree with some of the commentary that I’ve seen that in this case, Amanda is probably in better position without Rocketboom than vice versa. According to her post above, she and Mario were doing the show by themselves lately anyway. Sadly enough, I’m so far behind in my vlog watching that I haven’t seen any of the shows in this whole time period.

In the best case, Amanda goes on to something else and it’s great and Rocketboom continues with a new host and a new chemistry and it’s great. Fingers are crossed. In that post, Amanda sounds like her situation isn’t currently very good. My advice, take as much of Calcanis’ Netscape money as you can possibly get out of him or even use it as the fuse to ignite a bidding war. We don’t have a big wealth of experience in new media, but what we do now is that things come and go quickly and one must strike while the iron is hot. We also know that the iron can cool quickly, so the good offers will have about the shelf life of shellfish.

Vloggercon Feed?

Man, there are so many people at Vloggercon that I’d love to be hanging out with. C’est la vie, c’est la morte. One thing that I with they had – an RSS enclosure feed of videos about Vloggercon. I’d subscribe. I just got this one down in Chris Daniel’s feed, but I’d subscribe to a super-feed that pointed to everyone’s individual episodes. Can some enterprising person down there make that happen?

Update: Jay Dedman responds in commments and points out that the feed does exist.

Vloggercon Sold Out

… in the good way, of course. I would really have liked to have gone to Vloggercon. I was offered the shot at presiding over a session on the conjunction of podcasting and vlogging and I’d have dug doing it, but I just can’t do all these things. I only have so many trips to California in me and there wasn’t enough spare cycles in the life lately. Hope everyone that’s going enjoys it! I might check out the online portion of stuff as I can.

Video Sad Sack

I must be the saddest possible entrant in Videoblogging Week. I actually didn’t even notice until it was over this thing about doing it daily, I didn’t even hear about it at all until it was halfway over. For me, getting a single vlog published during the week was a lot. However, my published vlog is still not accessible as of Monday morning. When my workday is over, I’ll check on the status and file the “missing media” thing with OurMedia if it hasn’t come on line.