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Nov 5, 2010

I’ve had comments on this blog for most of the last seven years at the time of this writing. I’ve made friends in real life that I met first in comments on the blog. The day I passed the point where there were more comments than posts on this blog was a happy one for me. I cherish conversation and debate and I welcome all of good will to come and participate. Please keep me company on this journey through this hard life.

Because of the above, not despite it, I now need to set down some ground rules for commenting. I consider this blog to be no different than were I throwing an open party at my house. Anyone who wants to come by is welcome to participate. However, if you came to my party and took a shit in the punch bowl I’d throw you out. Do the same thing in comments here, and I will throw you out. Ad hominem attacks are out of bounds, as are any form of aggression towards me or any other commenters. You can disagree and that’s fine, but if you are a dick about it then don’t expect me to host that for you.

In addition, the whole shooting match is at my discretion. I may choose not to moderate or to delete your comments because of the above rules, because I’m in a bad mood, because you set me off or any other reason. Fairness is not guaranteed. Welcome to the NFL, sugar britches. Free speech is important to me but that also doesn’t compel me to publish it for you. If you don’t like these rules, feel free to start your own Blogspot or blog about what a dick I am.

Update 2011/01/24
Regarding anonymity on this blog: At my own discretion I may choose to delete unceremoniously any comment that comes in with anonymous information, including fake names, fake emails and/or fake URLs. The preferred form is to use your real name and a link to an actual website that represents you. Less preferred but acceptable alternatives include well-known or consistent internet handles in lieu of real names. Presenting an obviously fake email may prevent me from approving your comment, and if I later try to email and find out the address given was fake, I may retroactively delete your comment. The more negative you are or the more pushback you bring, the more responsibility you bear for standing behind your words. If your words are ones you don’t care to claim, I don’t care to publish them.

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