Podcasting Consent Form

Over at Podonomics, Leesa Barnes is discussing consent forms for interviewees on your podcast. Here’s my perspective. I did several hundred episodes of a radio interview show that was local and eventually nationally syndicated. We never had guests sign a consent form. I’ve appeared on a half a dozen or so radio shows as an … Continue reading Podcasting Consent Form

Goodbye, Podcasting News

I’ve been subscribed to the RSS feed for Podcasting News, probably since right around the time the site started. Today I unsubscribed because I just hit my limit. Their stories with no links are pretty much useless in a web context. It’s pretty damn frustrating to consistently be forced to Google after reading one of … Continue reading Goodbye, Podcasting News

Magnatune Embraces Podcasting

A correspondent sent me this link to this page at Magnatune laying out their commitment to podcasting. They prefer that you use the higher quality version of their music if you are going to podcast it, so you can get a pseudo credit card number from them that you can use to download them. Wow, … Continue reading Magnatune Embraces Podcasting

Public Radio and Podcasting

Via Michael Geoghegan comes this link to a Wired article about the effect of podcasting on public radio pledge drives. Note that I wrote up a suggestion 6 months ago about how this channel conflict between NPR and the affiliates could be avoided. I stand by that. NPR should not podcast at all but should … Continue reading Public Radio and Podcasting

Public Radio v Podcasting: Prelude Step, Normalization

Before I write up my piece responding to Stephen Hill’s thing about public radio and podcating, I’m going to do an experiment. If it works, I’ll always do this before tackling any of this “Thing X” vs “Thing Y” written by someone who has a dog in the fight (whether or not I’m rooting on … Continue reading Public Radio v Podcasting: Prelude Step, Normalization

iTunes Podcasting Screws Up Yet Another Simple Thing

In my most recent podcast, I cautioned against putting too much credence in iTunes rankings. Turns out that was a good call because those numbers are meaningless and easily manipulated. Let’s take this a step further and quit caring so much about these fricking meaningless ordinal rankings. None of them can measure the only aspect … Continue reading iTunes Podcasting Screws Up Yet Another Simple Thing

Sex, Cash and Podcasting

Mark Cuban posted about cash and podcasting, which included this: Podcasting is hot.  Podcasting is cheap and easy. Podcasting can be fun. Creating your own podcast and trying to make a business out of it is a mistake. Unless you are repurposing content from another medium, it will be rare to find anyone making money … Continue reading Sex, Cash and Podcasting

iTunes Podcasting

At least from my perspective, the iTunes rollout of podcasting support was completely bungled. Like I reported earlier, they seemed to have my Bittorrent feed in their catalog without having Bittorrent support in the client. That is exactly how they rolled it out, in non-working fashion. People can subscribe to my feed via the directory, … Continue reading iTunes Podcasting

Podcasting: Mechanist View vs Humanist View

I’m going to take another run at this, even though I’ve long since tired of the topic because I keep feeling like I’m tantalizingly close to expressing something so that someone else might actually understand where I’m coming from. Rob Greenlee responded to my post about his interview with Don Katz, to which I re-responded. … Continue reading Podcasting: Mechanist View vs Humanist View

Don Katz on Podcasting

Yesterday I listened to Rob Greenlee’s interview with Don Katz of Audible.com. I remain kind of befuddled by Rob’s approach to the podcasting world. He cannot talk about the subject without trying to point out that aspects of it existed previously, to the point that it has become a tic. It’s like he’s on a … Continue reading Don Katz on Podcasting