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I'm going for something that I've been thinking about for a while but haven't done. I'm installing Subversion on my Linux box. It is (supposed to be) a drop-in replacement for CVS that has some pretty nice features. Subversion isn't based on the file the way CVS is, but has some notion of the metadata surrounding a project. This way, changing a filename is something that can be versioned or even changing permissions on a file. CVS can't do that, because all the information about revisions are attached to the file itself. I'm going for it and if I like it might even try doing some of my personal projects as a local Subversion project. For those who are geeky enough to do it, I highly recommend using some form of source control on anything you want to save or version over time. Write your novel in text and keep it in CVS - it gives you a backup and you can keep track of changes that way. It really does make life more bueno.