Email Preferences

| 1 min read

I've been getting emails from a company called Kewlbox for years now. I've thought they were spam and I've been deleting them. As I decomission the address I've used for the last 8 years I'm trying to unsubscribe from all the things I've legitimately subscribed to over the years. Even things that look spammish if they include a "click this to remove" I've been trying that and only if they don't actually remove me are they relegated to getting reported to Razor, Pyzor, DCC and all the places my SpamAssassin sends to.

When I followed the link and then did the password recovery business, I found what sure enough looks like a profile that I set up. It had my address and a username that is my typical one. I have no recollection of setting this up, but I certainly believe that I did set it up at some point and forget about it. Here's the curious bit - all my email preferences were already set to the "don't send me email" settings. So, why is this joint sending me mail? There is no option to delete the account that I can find in the web interface so I emailed their customer support saying that I want this account deleted since they ignore my mail preferences to send me mail over my objections. I got back what looked like a standard cut-and-paste of their FAQ from some service rep. I started to push back and engage her, and then thought "Screw this, I'm not spending any time on this." Instead, I changed my email address in the account to WhyAreYouEmailingMeDespiteMyTurningThePreferenceOff @ Maybe whatever poor schmo has to deal with their SMTP bounces will give a shit. As long as I'm not getting their mails, I'm happy.