Podcast Firsts

| 1 min read

The short history of podcasting is littered with people who seem to be on fire to get credit for having done things first. Well, dammit I want a piece of that action too. People are getting all excited about On the Media and other radio shows getting into the podcast game. While that's highly highly cool, let's not forget that on August 27th, while the ink was still wet on the first iPodder Applescripts and knuckleheads such as myself were creating act-alike programs, I set up RSS podcast feeds for two programs on WREK. In fact, as I type this I'm listening to this week's episode of Personality Crisis that was fetched for me by iPodderX. I'm not as big a credit hound as I could be, but I'd like the record to show that WREK had the first podcast of a radio airstream. That is, unless some other station did.