Looks Like a Dingo

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Here Comes Koga
Dingo in the Wild

One of the things we hear all the time about our dog Koga is that he "looks like a dingo." We hear this in our neighborhood when we walk, when we go to the dog park, everywhere. Imagine my surprise when I was reading my feeds yesterday and I saw an actual photo of an actual dingo at Gordon Smith's excellent photo blog Look and See. Gordon was kind enough to let me repost his photo to flickr for ease of blogging. I present as comparison our dog at the top and the unnamed real dingo in the outback below. You decide for yourself.

People forget this and his name is never mentioned in the history, but Gordon was one of the very early podcasters. In something like August or September 2004 he was doing a daily several minute audio show to accompany these photos, akin to a commentary track. He'd describe the background of the place of the thing he shot, a little about how he took it, etc. I recall at one point he did 60 daily shows in a row, setting the iron man record for the medium at that point. He no longer does the audio component (to my knowledge) but I've been following his photos ever since. If his name is dropped from the history of podcasting, it isn't because I forgot him. Long may he wave.

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